MEF Example Source Code

Multiscale Electrophysiology File Format Specification

The Multiscale Electrophysiology File (MEF) Format is an open-source file format for storing electrophysiology and other time-series data. The PDF file below gives a comprehensive description of the file format.

Source code libraries:

Functions that handle MEF header operations, data compression and decompression, encryption, calculation of the CRC checksum, and byte order adjustments.

Example program source code:

Three example programs below illustrate the use of the MEF library functions.

Program to read, decrypt, and display the information in the MEF file header.

Program to convert the recorded data in the MEF file to a raw data file consisting of 32-bit integers.

Program to convert a 32-bit raw data file to a MEF file. Command line options can be used to populate the file header, or a header input text file containing relevant information can be passed in with the -h flag.

Example data:

This distribution contains four EEG data files in MEF format. The files are anonymized and encrypted with subject, session, and data encryption. The subject password is "subject", and the password for the session and data encryption is "session". Also enclosed with the example data is a file called rawHeader.txt, which is an example header input file for the raw2mef example program.