Dr. Griffiths and his team in the Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Research Lab have presented their findings on extracellular matrix scaffolds, vascularization of tissue engineering, xenogeneic heart valve bioscaffolds, effects on extracellular matrix composition, and other research at national and international biomedical, immunology and cardiovascular conferences.

Here are some select recent regional, national and international presentations and seminars at which Dr. Griffiths has shared his research findings as a speaker or invited speaker.

2019 presentations

  • Cardiac extracellular matrix niche directs cell growth and behavior
    • Invited speaker
    • Experimental Biology 2019, San Diego, CA

2018 presentations

  • Non-HCA antigens in transplant resection
    • Invited speaker
    • Mayo Clinic Transplant Grand Rounds 2018
  • Non-HCA antigen identification in heart transplant recipients
    • Invited speaker
    • Renal Transplant Grand Rounds, Mayo Clinic
  • Immunoproteomic antigen identification in heart transplant recipients
    • Speaker
    • Immunology Grand Rounds
  • Antibodies and the Endothelium
    • Speaker
    • KP Transplant Integrated Research Meeting
  • Biological scaffolds in cardiac regeneration
    • Invited speaker
    • Mayo Clinic Symposium on Regenerative Medicine and Surgery 2018