The Cardiovascular Disease and Aging Laboratory of Jordan D. Miller, Ph.D., researches the identification of mechanisms that contribute to age-related cardiovascular diseases in order to develop novel treatments for cardiovascular disease.

Areas of research in our lab include:

  • Understanding mechanisms that contribute to aortic valve and atherosclerotic plaque calcification
  • Identifying novel mechanisms that contribute to mitral valve prolapse
  • Understanding mechanisms that contribute to blood vessel dysfunction with aging and vascular disease
  • Identifying biological mechanisms that contribute to impaired ability to recover from cardiovascular surgery

Since its inception by Dr. Miller, our lab has used molecular screening of human tissue, novel strains of genetically altered mice, and in vitro and cell culture models of disease to identify novel mechanisms of human disease that might be conducive to drug targets for new treatments of cardiovascular disease.

About Dr. Miller

In addition to serving as principal investigator of the Cardiovascular Disease and Aging Lab, Dr. Miller is an associate professor of surgery and an assistant professor of physiology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Miller's multidisciplinary collaborations throughout Mayo Clinic have helped with the successful launch of clinical trials for a cardiovascular surgery biobank and slowing progression of heart valve disease. His lab is dedicated to moving research findings from bench to bedside as rapidly as possible.