Research Collaborators

Mayo collaborators

Non-Mayo collaborators

  • Dr. Agnes Enyedi
    Department of Molecular Cell Biology
    National Blood Center, Budapest, Hungary
  • Dr. John T. Penniston
    Department of Neurosurgery
    Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston
  • Dr. Juan Pablo F.C. Rossi
    Institute of Biological Chemistry and Physical Chemistry
    Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry
    University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Dr. Stanley A. Thayer
    Department of Pharmacology
    University of Minnesota Medical School, Minneapolis
  • Dr. Richard J. Weinberg
    Department of Cell and Developmental Biology, and Neuroscience Center
    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC
  • Dr. Beate Wilhelm
    Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
    Philipps-University, Marburg, Germany