The Barrett's Esophagus Unit at Mayo Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach to improving care for people with Barrett's esophagus who have early esophageal cancer or are at risk of developing cancer.

The unit is dedicated to providing the best possible care through educational programs, research into drugs that can prevent cancer, and the use of the latest minimally invasive techniques that eliminate Barrett's esophagus and early cancer while maintaining the patient's quality of life.

The unit is focused on three major programs:

  • Kenneth K. Wang, M.D., leads the therapeutic program, which uses advanced endoscopy to treat Barrett's esophagus and early cancers.
  • Navtej (Nav) S. Buttar, M.D., leads the chemoprevention program, which investigates drugs that can decrease cancer risk.
  • Louis M. Wong Kee Song, M.D., leads the biomarkers and imaging program, which uses novel spectroscopic and imaging techniques to detect early cancer changes in Barrett's esophagus.

Combined, these programs are designed to bring about innovative approaches that improve patient care.