Integrated Approaches to Close the Loop in Type 1 Diabetes: Role of Physical Activity

We will evaluate the impact of moderate-intensity physical activity (30 to 50 percent of VO2 max) on glucose variability, post-meal glucose fluxes and insulin action in type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM).

To do so, we will first use the triple-tracer method during conventional physician-guided open-loop insulin pump therapy. Using data from the open-loop study visit, we will — for the first time, to our knowledge — use a personalized, informed, automated, closed-loop control (artificial pancreas) system to evaluate outcome variables in the same individuals with T1DM. To better understand physiology and to fine-tune the closed-loop control system, we have conducted a study of healthy volunteers. We will periodically provide summary results of this study after its completion in May 2012.