MRE / Wave

MRE / Wave uses an algorithm for local frequency estimation (LFE) to invert the acquired phase difference wave data into an elastogram to provide an estimate of stiffness. MRE / Wave is compiled to run on Windows 7. To install, unzip the MreWave.beta directory into "\Program Files" then run mrewave.exe.

The tool includes:

  • A test data set in \MreWave.beta\test_data
  • HTML help files in \MreWave.beta\help

For help on processing the test data set, see \MreWave.beta\help\wave_test_data.htm or select help in the MRE/Wave program and select "wave test data."

Financial support for this tool was provided by the National Institutes of Health through grant EB001981.

Download MRE / Wave

Grimm RC, Lake DS, Manduca A, Ehman RL. MRE / Wave. Rochester (MN): Mayo Clinic [updated 2006 July 1]. Available from