'The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book' delivers trusted guidance

Volume 1, Issue 3, 2012
Lynn C. Hartmann, M.D., a breast oncologist and researcher at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Lynn C. Hartmann, M.D.

"The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book" is a new resource that helps women and their loved ones better understand breast cancer, make informed decisions about their care, and cope with the emotional and physical effects of diagnosis and treatment.

"The book is designed to demystify breast cancer and give women step-by-step guidance and tools for what to do if they are at risk or have a diagnosis of breast cancer," said co-editor Lynn C. Hartmann, M.D., a breast oncologist and researcher at the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and the Blanche R. and Richard J. Erlanger Professor of Medical Research.

Using helpful graphics and the latest medical information, "The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book" addresses numerous questions about breast cancer, including:

  • Am I at high risk of breast cancer? How do I tell?
  • Since I have breast cancer, does that mean my daughter will get it too?
  • How do I interpret a biopsy report?
  • How do I sort through treatment options?
  • What are some new treatments being developed?

"The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book" is organized into three parts and includes personal stories from breast cancer patients and survivors.

  • Part 1 includes an overview of cancer in general, including what it is, how it develops and how it spreads.
  • Part 2 looks specifically at breast cancer and provides a comprehensive discussion of the disease, from risk and prevention to the latest technologies in diagnosis and treatment. Included in this section are decision guides to help determine the best treatment option based on individual circumstances.
  • Part 3 focuses on strategies for dealing with the emotional, social, spiritual and physical challenges that accompany cancer treatment and survival.

"The Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book" is available online from Mayo Clinic or wherever books are sold. The 432-page book costs $22.95 for the softcover version. Proceeds from the book support medical education and research at Mayo Clinic.

Mayo Clinic Breast Cancer Book

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