Director's message

Volume 1, Issue 2, 2012
Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Director Robert B. Diasio, M.D.

Robert B. Diasio, M.D.

It is my pleasure to share the fall issue of our new quarterly email newsletter, a companion to Forefront, the annual print magazine of Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, and a showcase for our latest cancer research.

As I reviewed the stories for this issue, I was reminded of a quote from a 1938 talk that Dr. William J. Mayo, one of Mayo Clinic's founders, gave at the opening of a new building on the campus in Rochester, Minn.: "We think of the truth as something that is invariable, but add a new circumstance and we have a new truth." Dr. Mayo's quote is an appropriate theme for the stories featured in this issue of Forefront, as they highlight research that has created new circumstances and new truths that improve our understanding of cancer and our ability to detect and treat it.

These new circumstances include a treatment for multiple myeloma that has fewer side effects, research that could eventually lead to an accurate gene-based test for prostate cancer, a new intestinal probe that can simply and effectively detect pancreatic cancer, and a new alternative medicine approach to treating cancer-related fatigue.

At Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, we strive to turn new circumstances and discoveries like these into truths and treatments that will reduce the burden of cancer on patients and their loved ones. I invite you to follow our progress by subscribing to Forefront.

Robert B. Diasio, M.D.
Director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor