Director's message: National Cancer Survivors Day

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2016


Mayo Clinic finds ways to support patients as life continues with cancer.

Photograph of Robert B. Diasio, M.D., director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center

Robert B. Diasio, M.D.

June marks the celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day, an occasion that continues to grow in importance every year.

There is good reason to celebrate. Cancer survival rates are improving thanks to more-effective screening, better therapies and a focus on living successfully with cancer as one would with any chronic disease.

But how do we improve support for patients and families as life continues with cancer in the picture?

This issue of Forefront includes a story about research that will eventually help women with breast cancer and ovarian cancer make more-informed decisions about their care. This research may also provide more-robust information about cancer risk to help inform cancer screening decisions for family members.

This issue also includes a story about research that suggests lung cancer screening guidelines be expanded to include people who quit smoking more than 15 years ago. Data suggest that these individuals may still be at increased risk of developing lung cancer — changing lung cancer screening guidelines would allow them to enjoy the benefits of early detection.

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Robert B. Diasio, M.D.
Director, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
William J. and Charles H. Mayo Professor