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Mehrsheed Sinaki, M.D., studies the effect of muscle strength and exercise on bone mineral density and back pain. Her pertinent research interests are management of osteoporosis-related musculoskeletal challenges, such as back pain, kyphotic posture, vertebral fracture, and age-related gait unsteadiness and prevention of falls.

She has developed various exercise programs for strengthening back muscles for the reduction of back pain, kyphosis, vertebral fractures and risk of falls. Rehabilitation of Osteoporosis Program-Exercise (ROPE) includes comprehensive management of osteoporosis.

Dr. Sinaki's research protocols involve the effect of exercise on bone mineral density, muscle response to exercise, critical evaluation of exercise techniques, and effective dose of exercise for improvement of back pain and bone and mineral density. Geriatric musculoskeletal rehabilitation also includes use of spinal orthotics for improvement of posture and osteoporosis-related pain.

Focus areas

  • Prevention of vertebral fractures with specific back extension exercises that Dr. Sinaki and her colleagues have developed through their research over the years
  • Prevention of hip fracture through specific exercises that Dr. Sinaki intends to study
  • ROPE for comprehensive management of osteoporosis, specifically back and posture-related pain
  • Reduction of kyphosis with application of developed orthotics and exercise
  • Reduction of age-related postural changes

Significance to patient care

Life expectancy is increasing, and there is a need to improve quality of life in the elderly population. By improving musculoskeletal health and decreasing the incidence of debilitating fractures — whether of the hip or spine — in this population, the need for long-term medical care could decline as well.

Professional highlights

  • Invited Study Section Member, Early Onset Osteoporosis Risk in Astronauts Panel, NASA, 2010-present
  • Co-Founder, Co-Organizer, Speaker and Moderator — Working Group on Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation for Patients with Osteoporosis, Annual Meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, 1998-2012
  • Best Research Presentation — Musculoskeletal, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Seattle, 2010
  • Silver Award — National Health Information (for osteoporosis exercise chart), Consumer Health Publishers Association, 2004
  • Merit Award — National Mature Media (for osteoporosis exercise chart), Consumer Health Publishers Association, 2004


Administrative Appointment

  1. Emeritus, Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Academic Rank

  1. Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


  1. MS - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation University of Minnesota
  2. Resident - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Mayo Graduate School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
  3. Internship Norwegian-American Hospital
  4. MD Tehran University
  5. Internship Tehran University Hospital

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