Dr. Joseph Rubin is Professor of Oncology, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and a consultant in the Division of Medical Oncology. In addition, he is the program director for the medical oncology fellowship program. Dr. Rubin's research interest is in gastrointestinal tumors with a particular interest in neuroendocrine cancers (carcinoid and islet cell tumors). He has worked with Intervention Radiology in evolving techniques for clinical care. In addition, there is collaborative work with the Oncology Laboratory to look for new treatments based on molecular/genetic properties of these tumors. His laboratory has worked nationally with pharmaceutical companies in development of new treatments for these patients. In addition to GI tumors, Dr. Rubin has been involved with most of the gene therapy trials here at Mayo and continues to have an interest in developing new programs of treatment. He has been involved in our phase I drug development program for many years.


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