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Megan A. Allyse, Ph.D., is broadly focused on the translation of emerging medical technologies from research endeavors into clinical practice. In particular, she is interested in issues around reproductive ethics and women's health and health disparities in access to care.

Dr. Allyse's past research has examined the intersection of assisted reproductive care with embryonic stem cell and human cloning research and the management of oocyte exchanges. More recently, she has developed a comprehensive research portfolio around the clinical translation of noninvasive prenatal genetic screening, including issues around informed consent and patient education, counteracting stigma in the disability community, and understanding the impact of prenatal genomic information on patient care and the experience of pregnancy.

Dr. Allyse is also interested in enhancing the practice of clinical genomics, especially the experiences and attitudes of underserved populations, and in improving mechanisms for returning results and for patient education. The overall goal of her research is to provide appropriate, high-level care to all patients, regardless of socio-economic status.

Focus areas

  • Enhancing the ethical implementation of prenatal genetic screening, including regard for the psychosocial impacts of prenatal genetic screening and patient education
  • Assessing health disparities in access to genetic and genomic services and developing strategies to alleviate them
  • Understanding the trajectory and impact of gene editing technologies in humans, including the views of patient communities
  • Working on the enhancement of return of results methods, genetic counseling needs and ethical considerations in clinical genomics

Significance to patient care

Dr. Allyse's research directly impacts patient care at Mayo Clinic, where she collaborates with providers in maternal fetal medicine and obstetrics and gynecology to measure and improve the provision of prenatal and preconception genetic services. She is also involved in developing physician and patient education materials that will improve the ethical provision of prenatal genetic screening nationally.


Primary Appointment

  1. Department of Quantitative Health Sciences

Academic Rank

  1. Associate Professor of Biomedical Ethics


  1. Doctor of Philosophy - Sociology and Social Policy University of Nottingham
  2. MA - Science and Policy University of Nottingham
  3. BA - International Relations Stanford University
  4. BA - Communications Stanford University

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