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The expertise of Moain Abu Dabrh, M.B., B.Ch., M.S., in mixed methods research focuses on the science of building minimally disruptive practices. This includes investigating, synthesizing, evaluating, testing and implementing the best available evidence of various approaches and interventions to deliver sustainable, effective and thoughtful patient-centered health care with emphasis on the well-being of all stakeholders. His research also involves working with patients with multiple chronic conditions, as well as geriatric, vulnerable and disparate populations.

Focus areas

  • Mixed methods research
  • Evidence-based medicine
  • Minimally disruptive medicine
  • Shared decision-making
  • Chronic conditions and multimorbidity
  • Health disparities and vulnerable populations
  • Well-being and burnout
  • Medical humanities

Significance to patient care

Dr. Abu Dabrh's work aims to reshape health care to a system that:

  • Pursues the goals of the patients using the best available evidence
  • Facilitates shared decision-making approaches between patients and clinicians
  • Helps patients make an informed decision, shared and guided by the expertise of clinicians and researchers
  • Minimizes the footprint and burden of health care and its delivery on patients, caregivers, clinicians, trainees, allied health professionals and the health care system


Primary Appointment

  1. Associate Consultant I, Division of General Internal Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine

Academic Rank

  1. Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
  2. Assistant Professor of Medicine


  1. Certificate - Culinary Medicine Harvard Medical School
  2. Certificate - Neuroscience for Business-- Organizational Behavior & Executive Coaching MIT Sloan School of Management
  3. Certificate - Health and Wellness Coaching Mayo Clinic Wellness Coach Training Course
  4. MS - Clinical and Translational Research Clinical and Translational Research, Tufts University School of Medicine
  5. MB BCh - Resident University of Tripoli
  6. MB BCh - Medicine and General Surgery University of Tripoli

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