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Clinical Studies


  • BeWell360-CG Care Model: Health and Wellness Coaching to Support Caregivers of Patients Living with Advanced Lung Cancers (BeWell 360) Jacksonville, Fla.

    Piloting the BeWell360-CG model, in conjunction with usual care delivery for lung cancer patients in Palliative Care, will longitudinally improve the wellbeing and quality of life of care givers within and outside of clinical care settings, in such a way as to positively impact the quality of care of patients themselves. We hypothesize that PC staff trained in the BeWell360-CG will be able to identify the most common CG-centric needs and guide CGs to improve their QoL and personal wellbeing. In doing so, we further hypothesize that there will be an improvement in patient-reported and quality of care outcomes.

    The objective of this proposal is to pilot a novel, scalable, user-friendly HWC care model– the BeWell360-CG— that is embedded and integrated as part of a palliative approach to care for CGs of patients with advanced lung cancer.


Closed for Enrollment