Outcome of Research Initiatives for 2001

  1. Obtain research goals from each of the Clinical Program Units as identified in the new departmental structure. Departmental research goals were reviewed at the annual Research Forum in the fall. This process was incorporated in the departmental strategic planning process that was conducted in the last quarter of 2001. Figures 1a and 1b depict the central themes of this discussion.
  2. Support the use of discretionary funds for the development of clinical databases. Establish a protocol by which clinical programs could request such funds by delineating goals, database contents, and mechanisms for sustaining the database. This research initiative was subsumed by the Clinical Database action group that arose from the departmental strategic planning process. In 2002, a Database coordinator will begin to oversee databases across the department.
  3. Increase utilization of the Research Psychometric Resource. Please see the Research Psychometrics Resource report below.
  4. Support the research initiatives of the new Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Psychology. Please see the Psychogenomics Research report below.