Transplant psychiatry and psychology research focuses on both pre-transplant assessment and post-transplant outcomes for solid organ and bone marrow transplant patients. Mayo Clinic has participated in a leadership role in the assessment of hand transplant patients and the development of a multicenter database for hand transplant candidates.


  • Sheila G. Jowsey, M.D., collaborated with researchers at the University of Alabama, Washington University in St. Louis and the University of Minnesota on a study of long-term outcomes in kidney donors. Additionally, she worked with Martin Kumnig, Ph.D., at Innsbruck Medical University to present the first transplant psychiatry symposium on hand transplantation at the American Society for Reconstructive Transplantation.
  • Terry D. Schneekloth, M.D., worked with the American Journal of Transplantation on research findings that associate untreated post-transplant depression with significantly increased mortality in liver transplant patients.
  • Shawna L. Ehlers, Ph.D., L.P., investigated modifiable unhealthy lifestyle behaviors and behavioral intervention development for hematopoietic stem cell transplant patients.
  • A multicenter study focusing on outcomes in alcoholic liver transplant candidates has been conducted and is an area of increasing investigation and discussion. Findings have been published on liver transplantation in alcoholic patients with who have abstained for six months or longer.
  • Other research initiatives include outcomes in pancreas and lung transplant for patients with psychiatric conditions, the role of health coaching and health literacy in transplantation, the impact of post-transplant smoking on alcohol relapse in liver transplantation, and liver transplant outcomes in patients with bipolar disorder.