Translational neuroscience

The preclinical and molecular research laboratories provide the space and expertise for conducting cutting-edge research in translational neuroscience, genomic psychiatry and biomarker discovery using the latest cellular, molecular and genetic technologies.

Biomarker discovery has impacted the prevention and treatment of many diseases, yet remains in its relative infancy in psychiatry. This research combines multiple scientific approaches to understand the causes of psychiatric illness and aspects mediating individual treatment outcomes. The bench-to-bedside framework helps researchers to better understand the interplay between genetic and environmental risk factors, and allows more targeted therapies for patients.


  • Defining the role of genetic and environmental factors in depression, bipolar disorder and alcoholism. In combination with the search for biomarkers of treatment response, the outcomes of this research will enable individualized patient care and tailored treatments in ways not previously possible.
  • Training opportunities. The facility functions as a classroom for trainees and faculty in psychiatry and psychology who are interested in learning how to do preclinical and bench-top research. Several of these individuals have gone on to develop their own research careers in psychiatric genetics.