2021 Department of Physiology and BME Seminars

(11:00 a.m - 12:00 noon, Gonda 7-103)

Date Speaker Title
1/1/2021 No Seminar
1/8/2021 Anna Greka Membrane proteins and disrupted mechanisms of cellular homeostasis
1/15/2021 Art Beyder Does the gut feel touch?
1/22/2021 Lin Tian Imaging neurochemical signaling in vivo with genetically encoded indicators
1/29/2021 No Seminar
2/5/2021 Yujiro Hayashi Gastric neuronal nitric oxide synthase encodes a memory of early-life dietary restriction
2/12/2021 No Seminar
2/19/2021 Matt O'Donnell Light and Sound: Integrating Photonics with Ultrasonics
2/26/2021 Missy Morrow Daily Arm Use and Shoulder Pathology Progression in Manual Wheelchair Users
03/05/2021 Missy Morrow Advice for grad students
03/12/2021 Naureen Javeed Role of Pro-inflammatory Beta Cell Small Extracellular Vesicles in the Pathogenesis of Diabetes
03/19/2021 Alexander Dunn Tissue Construction, from Molecules Up
03/26/2021 Alyssa Brown and Matt Fogarty Quantifying Mitochondrial Function in Diaphragm Muscle Fibers / A club of one: My investigations of pathognomonic changes in ALS
04/02/2021 Brandon Nelson and Jonathan Scott X-Ray Phase Contrast Imaging of the Lungs: Challenges and Opportunities / A Machine Learning Inversion Framework for Brain Magnetic Resonance Elastography