2020 Department of Physiology and BME Seminars

(11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Gonda 7-103)

Date Speaker Title
1/3/2020 No Seminar
1/10/2020 Nathan Huber/Brandon Nelson Deep learning based noise reduction for computed tomography/X-rays and x-waves: Preclinical application of the wave-particle duality
1/17/2020 No Seminar
1/24/2020 No Seminar
1/31/2020 Dakota Jones/Alyssa Brown Mechanosignaling regulates lung fibroblast biology through ZNF416 / Aging and Mitochondrial Dysfuntion in Motor Neurons: Slow and Steady Wins the Race
2/7/2020 No Seminar
2/14/2020 John Bischof Nanowarming for Regenerative Medicine
2/21/2020 Josh Farr Skeletal Cellular Senescence in Aging and Type 2 Diabetes
2/28/2020 Tory Marks/Lydia Wheeler Brain Co-Processors Applications to Epilepsy: The Case for an Automated, Gold Standard Seizure Diary / Attentive Deep Neural Networks for Dense Behavioral Tracking
3/6/2020 Prasanthi Vemuri Cognitive Aging and Resilience in the Population: An Imaging Perspective
3/13/2020 No Seminar
3/20/2020 No Seminar
3/27/2020 No Seminar
4/3/2020 Sara Aristizabal From Academia to industry and the science of the indoor environment
4/10/2020 No Seminar
4/17/2020 Tracey Weissgerber Tips and tools for making your manuscript more transparent and reproducible
4/24/2020 Dan Tschumperlin Dopamine signaling to reverse lung fibrosis
5/1/2020 Asghar Rezaei Methods of Predicting Vertebral Fractures and Minimally Invasive Treatment
5/8/2020 No Seminar
5/15/2020 David Holmes
5/22/2020 Alex Revzin Microsystems for Cultivation and Analysis of Cells
5/29/2020 Zheng Zhang/Rena Hale Home-grown clinical software for fluoroscopy-based target motion verification during proton beam treatment / A Natural History of Femoroacetabular Impingement: A Geographic Population Based Cohort Study
6/5/2020 Kai Miller Decoding perception from electrodes in the temporal lobe
6/12/2020 Sidney Hillman/Anders Asp Pathway Activation Modeling of Neural Networks Activated by Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease Patients Experiencing Transient Non-Motor Symptoms / Deep brain stimulation re-imagined for alcohol use disorder
6/19/2020 Fei Gao/Marcello Laurenti HIF1A recruits RAD21 to modify Nos1 locus topology and reverse diabetic gastroparesis / Diabetes-associated genetic variation in TCF7L2 alters pulsatile insulin secretion in humans
6/26/2020 Vikram Joshi/John Strikwerda Mechanosensitive ion channels in gastrointestinal smooth muscle cells / A conserved salt bridge controls channel gating, ion transport, and their coupling in pentameric ligand-gated ion channels
7/10/2020 Hsiao-Chuan Liu/Kylee Schaffer Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Its Advanced Applications in Tissue Mechanics / Biomechanics of the Upper Extremity during Wheelchair Basketball Propulsion
7/17/2020 Yujiro Hayashi/Erica Bell Gastric pacemaker stem cell aging / Relationship between Intrinsic Foot Stiffness and Plantar Pressures in Clinical Populations
7/24/2020 Joseph Panos/Alyssa Brown The Natural History of Long Bone Healing in the Rat Segmental Defect Model / Mitochondrial Structure and Function in Diaphragm Motor Units
7/31/2020 No Seminar
8/7/2020 No Seminar
8/14/2020 No Seminar
8/21/2020 No Seminar
8/28/2020 No Seminar
9/4/2020 No Seminar
9/11/2020 Michael Romero Acidosis, glaucoma and diabetes
9/18/2020 Abhishek Chandra Senotherapeutics: Preventing bone deterioration in cancer survivors
9/25/2020 Mark Wehde A Global Pandemic: How Mayo Clinic Engineering Stepped Up to Meet Practice Demands
10/2/2020 Catherine (Cat) Chong Brain Structural and Functional Imaging in Migraine
10/9/2020 George Gilkey Diagnostic Error: How did I get it so wrong?
10/16/2020 David Kallmes The role of computational and animal modeling in translational neurovascular research
10/23/2020 Andrew Haak The Role of Dopamine Signaling in Lung Fibrosis Resolution
10/30/2020 Bradley Bowles and Emma Goddery SWLC Seminar
11/6/2020 Alyssa Brown and Michelle Benedict Social Media Seminar
11/13/2020 Nick Ramsey Beyond Proof of Concept: Can Brain-Computer Implants improve daily life in people with Locked-in Syndrome?
11/20/2020 Evan Nicolai and Irena Balzekas Exponential Decay / Studying Sleep and Anxiety with iEEG
11/27/2020 No Seminar
12/4/2020 No Seminar
12/11/2020 Matthew Bernstein Compact 3T MRI: Results and Future Directions
12/18/2020 Zong Wei Epigenomic regulation by nuclear hormone receptors and co-factors in diabetes and inflammation
12/26/2020 No Seminar