2018 Department of Physiology and BME Seminars

(11:00 a.m – 12:00 noon, Gonda 7-103)

Date Presenter Seminar Title Host
1/5/2018 Alex Weston, Caitlin Fermoyle
  • Fermoyle: Lung diffusion at rest and during exercise using the single breath DLCO/DLNO technique;
  • Weston: Segmenting abdominal CT for body composition using deep learning
1/12/2018 Yoed Robin, PhD, Carnegie Mellon Engineering Aspects in Cryomedicine Chris Favazza
1/19/2018 Dakota Jones, Jonathan Calvert
  • Jones: Restoration of anti-fibrotic gene programs by HDAC inhibition attenuates myofibroblast activation;
  • Calvert: Evoking Motor Potentials via Epidural Electrical Stimulation in Humans After Complete Paraplegia
1/26/2018 No Seminar
2/2/2018 Meenakashi Rao, PhD, Columbia University Enteric Glia in Gastrointestinal Homeostasis Dave Linden
2/9/2018 No Seminar
2/16/2018 Michael Larson, Mayo Clinic Ventures Innovation, Inventing, and Commercializing Discoveries at Mayo Clinic
2/23/2018 Joe Mozingo, Obaid Khurram Functional Impariment of Phrenic Motoneuron Loss (Khurram)
3/2/2018 Pengfei Song, PhD, Josh Trazasko, PhD Making the Most of Your Data: Modern Strategies for Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction (Trzasko) Matt Urban
3/9/2018 Tony Hu, PhD, Arizona State University Inside out- Nanotechnology-enable Biomarker Decoding Lichun Lu
3/16/2018 Abhishek Chandra, Mayo Clinic Radiotherapy-induced osteoporosis and related fractures: Potential mechanisms and therapeutics Gary Sieck
3/23/2018 Tianhong Cui, PhD, University of Minnesota Polymer-Based Graphene Biosensors for Biomedical Analysis Alex Revzin
3/30/2018 Allison Fryer, PhD, Oregon Health and Science University Eosinophils in the Lung: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Rodney Britt
4/6/2018 Philip Gottlieb, PhD, University of Buffalo Using Precision Fluid Shear Stress Effects on PIEZO1 As A Model to Study Cell Mechanics Prakash/Vincente Torres
4/13/2018 Matthew Lowerison, PhD, Mayo Clinic Faint hope for astronauts: in search of solutions to orthostatic intolerance Matthew Urban
4/20/2018 Takashi Nagai, PhD, Mayo Clinic Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control in Joint Stability Timothy Hewett
4/27/2018 Kristin Zhao, PhD, Mayo Clinic 4D CT Imaging for Improved Diagnosis and Treatment of Wrist Ligament Injuries Matthew Urban
5/4/2018 Matthew Lowerison, Mayo Clinic Using high-frequency ultrasound to monitor drug response in a chicken embryo tumor avatar model
5/11/2018 Missy Morrow, PhD, Mayo Clinic User-Centered Design and Mixed Methods Approach in the Development of a Mobile Seating Pressure Remote Monitoring System Matthew Urban
5/18/2018 Boris Hinz, PhD, University of Toronto Myofibroblasts, Macrophages, and Mechanics: the 3M of fibrosis Dakota Jones
5/25/2018 Giovanni Ligresti, PhD, Mayo Clinic Epigenetic gene repression in pulmonary fibrosis Daniel Tschumperlin
6/1/2018 James Trevathan/Carlos Mantilla and Armando Manduca Miniature head-mounted microscopy of neural activity in behaving Parkinsonian mice undergoing deep brain stimulation/BMEP Program Overview and Updates
6/8/2018 Yujiro Hayashi/Ivan Nenadic
  • Epigenetic Regulation of Gastric Pacemaker Stem Cell Senescence (Hayashi);
  • Ultrasound Measurements of Viscoelasticity of Post-Transplant Livers (Nenadic)
6/15/2018 Jarel Gandhi/Panagiotis Korfiatis
  • Degradable Fibrin Hydrogels for Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Retinal Pigment Epithelium Transplantation;
  • GPU: Glioma Processing Units
6/22/2018 No Seminar
6/29/2018 Cuellar Ramos/Nathan Schilaty
  • Neuromodulation and Neuroregeneration of the Spinal Cord: Combining Approaches to Restore Motor Function After Injury (Ramos);
  • A Biomechanical Investigation of McArdle's Sign for Multiple Sclerosis (Schilaty)
7/6/2018 No Seminar
7/13/2018 Nate Bates/Constanza (Connie) Alcaino Ayala
  • In Vitro Modeling of ACL Injury Mechanism (Bates);
  • The Touching Story of Gastrointestinal Mechanosensitivity (Ayala)
7/20/2018 Sarah Wicher/John Garich
  • Importance of IL-6 in Intracellular Calcium Regulation in Airway Smooth Muscle of Elderly Asthmatics (Wicher);
  • High-density electrode arrays: A collaborative effort to aid in epilepsy & brain mapping studies (Garich)
7/27/2018 Andrew Haak/Dr. Suelen Lucio Boschen De Souza Selective YAP/TAZ Inhibition in Fibroblasts via Dopamine Receptor D1 Agonism Reverses Fibrosis/Stimulation of the Subparafascicular Thalamic Nucleus Modulates Dopamine Efflux in the Inferior Colliculus of Rats
8/3/2018 No Seminar
8/10/2018 No Seminar
8/17/2018 No Seminar
8/24/2018 No Seminar
8/31/2018 No Seminar
9/7/2018 No Seminar
9/14/2018 Adrian Vella, Mayo Clinic What can the genetics of Type 2 Diabetes teach us about pathophysiology?
9/21/2018 George Gilkey, Mayo Clinic Why Do Bright People Make Mistakes- an introduction to cognitive errors
9/28/2018 Jeson Sangaralingham, Mayo Clinic Innovative Therapeutics for Cardiovascular Disease: From Biology to Drug Discovery
10/5/2018 Christoph Buettner, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Why you need brains for metabolic health: Impaired CNS control as a primum movens of metabolic disease and inflammation
10/12/2018 No Seminar
10/19/2018 Eugenia (Jania) Trushina, Mayo Clinic Modulation of Mitochondrial Complex I as a Therapeutic Strategy for Multiple Human Conditions
10/26/2018 Virginia Miller, Mayo Clinic Sex as a Biological Variable
11/2/2018 Justin Koepsel, Mayo Clinic Ventures Career Development – Always a Work in Progress
11/9/2018 Jay Mandrekar, Mayo Clinic Collaborating with Biostatistician: Brief Overview
11/16/2018 Guang-Hong Chen, University of Wisconsin Artificial Intelligence (AI) in medical imaging: Opportunities and Challenges
11/23/2018 No Seminar
11/30/2018 Tamas Ordog, Mayo Clinic Interrogating and manipulating lineage-critical enhancers for therapeutic benefit
12/7/2018 Chad Vezina, University of Wisconsin Using the mouse as a preclinical model for Urology: mechanisms of prostate- and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS)
12/14/2018 David Fuller, University of Florida Translational studies in Pompe disease
12/21/2018 No Seminar
12/28/2018 No Seminar