To meet the emerging needs of individual patients and their families as well as society, the Division of Community Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine integrates research into patient care, education, advocacy, and administration. Such a goal and approach have accrued research assets of the Division that encompass a group of competent clinician researchers and educators, a pool of significant and innovative ideas, supporting environment, and a collaborative relationship with community agencies.

As a result, federal, private foundation, and institutional grants have funded many projects that address various areas (e.g. chronic disease epidemiology, health care services, the primary to tertiary prevention for various medical conditions, social epidemiology, vaccine research, and community-based research) and that apply various approaches (e.g. multidisciplinary researches, population-based cohort studies, case-control studies, clinical trials, multilevel and propensity score approaches, multi-center studies, cross-sectional surveys, Geographic Information System and Geocoding, translational, and outcome research).