Dr. Janalee Stokken with patient in the Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic

Multidisciplinary research in Mayo Clinic's Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic drives development of new and better treatments for patients with Graves' disease.

Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic

In Mayo Clinic's Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic, experts in ophthalmology, endocrinology and rhinology work together to improve both medical and surgical treatments patients with thyroid eye disease, also called Graves' disease.

Graves' disease with involvement of the eye can impact patients' quality of life by altering physical appearance, impairing vision, or causing discomfort or injury to the eye itself. A variety of treatment options are available, but all options have associated benefits and drawbacks.

To meet this clinical need, the research team tracks how patients improve with surgery and various well-known and emerging medical treatments. Investigators are studying which therapies result in the best outcome with the least risk of side effect.

The team conducts translational laboratory work to better understand how this disease develops. Additionally, researchers are using emerging technology to better understand what degree of eye bulging (proptosis) is recognizable to the general public to determine which patients may benefit most from surgery.