Patients with complex hypertension and transplant associated hypertension are managed chronically in the Hypertension Continuing Care Clinic. Often, care is provided by the hypertension consultant working in partnership with the patient’s primary care physician and the nurse acting as the care coordinator. A data base for all nurse based care clinics is maintained as a resource for clinical studies. Technology services, which aid in the diagnosis and management of hypertension or other disorders of blood pressure regulation, include noninvasive ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, 6 hour, 18 hour, and 24 hour procedures and noninvasive hemodynamic measurements. Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring can be performed with concomitant Holter monitoring for the evaluation of spells with uncertain cause. Approximately 6,000 procedures are done each year.

  • Renal mechanisms that mediate hypertension
  • Quantitation of renal blood flow utilizing novel imaging techniques