The X-Ray Imaging Core enables researchers to utilize the latest imaging technology to show disease presence, progression and regression in their research. Trained experts in imaging technology provide these services:

Imaging protocol development

All projects using Mayo Clinic's X-Ray Imaging Core services begin with a free consultation between core staff members and the investigator. Before subjects are scheduled, a CT physicist meets with the investigative team to design the optimal settings for the imaging task. To set up a consultation, contact Amy M. Benike.

Specimen and human postmortem CT scanning

Specimen and human postmortem CT scanning can be done on the 4M CT scanners. Fluoroscopic images can be taken as well. To use these services, contact Andrew J. Vercnocke or Jeffrey F. Marsh Jr.

CT scanning

The Siemens Somatom Definition Flash dual-source CT scanner provides CT scanning services for researchers. To initiate protocol development, contact Andrew J. Vercnocke or Jeffrey F. Marsh Jr.

Micro-CT scanning

The X-Ray Imaging Core operates two in-house-developed micro-CT scanners and two commercial micro-CT scanners that provide high-resolution, nondestructive 3D mapping of a sample's X-ray attenuation properties. This enables structural visualization and quantitative analysis for a wide variety of sample types, including bony anatomy and contrast-enhanced soft tissue. In vivo imaging of small animals also is available. To schedule a scan, contact Andrew J. Vercnocke or Jeffrey F. Marsh Jr.

Biplane fluoroscopy

Two digital biplane fluoroscopy scanners are available. For more information, contact Beth A. Schueler. To schedule the rooms and a technician, contact Amy M. Benike.

Portable fluoroscopy

A digital mobile Siemens Arcadis Avantic C-arm fluoroscope is available for use in either the 4M CT Room or the surgery suite at Opus. For questions and scheduling, contact Amy M. Benike.

Animal preparation

The preparation areas are used for prepping animals (rats and larger) prior to CT, surgery or fluoroscopy. There is no charge for supplies in these areas, as the cost is included in the room charges.

Animal surgery

The animal surgery suite is available for both acute and chronic animal studies. For questions and scheduling, contact Amy M. Benike.

Data analysis

Data analysis is available following imaging to process or analyze CT or micro-CT image data. For CT image analysis, micro-CT image analysis, MRI analysis or additional questions, contact Andrew J. Vercnocke.