Developmental Projects

To enhance its ability to serve investigators, the Proteomics Core is continually working to refine existing methodologies and develop new services.

Toward that goal, the Proteomics Core:

  • Is developing and refining methods for the confident identification of protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), such as phosphorylation, acetylation or glycosylation by mass spectrometry. All aspects of PTM analysis — from sample preparation to data acquisition and informatics — are being evaluated and optimized.
  • Recently acquired a new gel imaging system that will allow the simultaneous imaging of protein signatures in 2-D differential gels using fluorescent tags and protein-specific antibodies.
  • Is developing methods involving the nanofluidic immunoassay instrument aimed at quantifying specific proteins in signaling pathways (such as mTOR, Fox01 and p53) involved in tumor proliferation, metastasis and apoptosis.