Antibody Production and Purification

Antibody production

The Immunology Core uses in vitro methods to generate antibody from hybridoma cell lines. The core can utilize several different methodologies (for example, suspension culture, roller bottles, cell line flasks and gas permeable bags) with specially formulated media for antibody production. For most hybridoma cell lines, it takes two weeks to adapt the cell line to the media and three- to four-weeks to produce the high-yield final material.

Antibody purification

The core has the ability to purify antibodies from most sources, including tissue culture media and ascites. The core typically utilizes proteins A, G or A/G affinity chromatography to purify the antibody, but a custom affinity column can be prepared for your specific needs. Post-purification, the core will exchange the antibody into a buffer you choose and concentrate it to your specifications.