The Genotyping Core has nearly a decade of experience providing genomics support for both large and small projects conducted by Mayo Clinic investigators and their collaborators. Core staff members have extensive experience working at the forefront of genomics, including expertise designing custom assays for genotyping and sequencing templates.

The core occupies approximately 2,050 square feet on the 13th floor of the Stabile Building at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. There are two main areas:

  • Pre-PCR area. This area includes two PCR set-up rooms (one for Illumina, one for all other) separated by an air lock. Access to the Illumina room is controlled. There is also a clean sit-down analysis area for each of the laboratory technologists.
  • Post-PCR area. This area contains work areas for processing samples after PCR amplification.

Both areas undergo ultraviolet light exposure during nighttime hours to minimize the possibility of contamination.


Pre-PCR area
  • Pre-PCR containment hoods (three)
  • Tetrad thermocycler
  • Fisher temperature-controlled high-speed microcentrifuge
  • Tecan robots with bar code scanner (two)
  • Salvis high-efficiency oven
  • Biomek FX robotic workstation
  • Heat blocks (12)
  • PowerScan hand-held bar code scanner
  • High-speed microplate shaker
Post-PCR area
  • Illumina-dedicated refrigerator and freezer
  • Tecan robots with magnetic carrier (three)
  • Tecan robots with bar code scanner (two)
  • Salvis high-efficiency oven
  • Tetrad thermocyclers (three)
  • Heat blocks (five)
  • Illumina BeadArray reader
  • Illumina iScan readers (four)
  • Illumina BeadXpress reader
  • Applied Biosystems Veriti thermocyclers (eight 384-well and six 96-well)
  • Applied Biosystems 3730xl DNA analyzer
  • SpectraMax spectrophotometers
  • QIAGEN PyroMark MD Pyrosequencer
  • Pyrosequencing Vacuum Prep Workstation
  • Fluidigm BioMark system
  • Sequenom Nanodispenser
  • Minus 80 degrees Celsius freezers (two)
  • Minus 20 degrees Celsius freezers (three)
  • Refrigerators (five)
  • Microcentrifuges