The Genome Analysis Core at Mayo Clinic has nearly a decade of experience providing genomics support for both large and small projects conducted by Mayo Clinic investigators and their collaborators. Staff members have extensive experience working at the forefront of genomics, including expertise designing custom assays for genotyping and sequencing templates.

The Genome Analysis Core provides comprehensive genotyping services to investigators at Mayo Clinic and their collaborators, as well as researchers around the world. Genotyping is offered on a variety of platforms, including state-of-the-art genome wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) arrays. In addition, several approaches for methylation analyses are available. The core also provides consultations to assist investigators in determining how best to achieve their aims.


  • Illumina iScan Systems (microarray scanners) with two autoloaders (4)
  • Freedom Evo Tecan liquid handling instruments (5 with 2 retro-fitted for Illumina Infinium X-staining capabilities)
  • Agena Bioscience MassARRAY System
  • Agena Bioscience Nanodispensor
  • Biomek FX liquid handling instrument
  • Applied Biosystems 7900HT Real-Time PCR System (Taqman)
  • Affymetrix Fluidics Station 450 (OncoScan) (6)
  • Affymetrix GeneChip Scanner (OncoScan)

Contact GAC Supervisors for more information on using genotyping services.