Using Gene Expression Core Services

Starting a project

If you are interested in using Gene Expression Core (GEC) services, please contact us at 507-255-1086 or by email to discuss your experimental needs. We will initiate a standard institutional contract and also draft a proposal that describes the work to be performed.

Submitting samples

Samples submitted to the GEC must be:

  • Shipped in 1.5-milliliter or 500-microliter microtubes or in properly sealed 96-well plates
  • Shipped on dry ice using an overnight shipping service no later than Wednesday of each week
  • Accompanied by documentation including:
    • Sample ID
    • Concentration
    • Volume
    • Total RNA amount (micrograms)
    • Extraction method
    • 260/280 ratio

Delivery of results

All microarray and real-time qPCR data sets will be provided to customers on DVD or by File Transfer Protocol (FTP). Turnaround time can vary according to the technology and project size. An estimate of time will be provided in the proposal for a specific project.