Biomedical Imaging Resource (BIR) Core staff has unique, complementary skill sets and more than 70 years of combined experience in the field of imaging science.

David Holmes III, Ph.D., serves as director of the BIR Core. Dr. Holmes' background is in computer science and physics; his areas of research interest include image processing, biomechanics, engineering, radiology, surgery simulation, cardiac ablation technology and biostatistics.

The core's technical staff specializes in:

Imaging server and workstation management

  • Physical and virtual server management (including customization for imaging-related projects)
  • Customized solutions for automated and manual image analysis work flows (including the delivery of images and results to client workstations)

Image analysis

  • Segmentation and registration of biomedical and clinical image data sets
  • Routine and specialized image measurement using validated software tools

Content development and management

  • Audio, video and print production of imaging data and study results
  • Knowledge dissemination and online publishing of results

Custom software development

  • Development of project-specific image analysis applications
  • Collaboration and work flow management software design

Virtual and physical model design

  • Custom computer models of generic or patient-specific anatomy (which can be incorporated into education and practice)
  • For validation studies, anthropomorphic physical models derived from patient-specific anatomy