Protocol Development, Engineering Design and Data Analysis

The Biomechanics Core is staffed by engineers experienced in test engineering, biomechanics and project management. Engineers can support investigators along the entire testing process, as required, from development of novel test protocols, equipment and fixture design, specimen preparation, and batch data processing.

Core staff has experience with a number of different software platforms that aid in rapid analysis, interpretation and communication of test data.

  • Custom programs can be created to apply numerical methods to process data in batches and perform basic statistical analysis (MATLAB, JMP).
  • Image analysis software can be used to view medical imaging data, conduct geometric analysis of anatomical structures and develop computer models of segmented structures (Mimics, ImageJ).
  • CAD software (SolidWorks) aids in developing cost-effective equipment and fixture designs.
  • Loading conditions can be applied to complex geometry to predict stresses and strains on anatomical structures with finite element modeling (ABAQUS), with further value added by the testing the core can provide to validate models.