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  • Decreasing Morbidity through Exposure to the Prostate Biopsy Gun and Distraction during Prostate Biopsy Rochester, MN

    This study will attempt to identify potential non-pharmacologic interventions that will decrease the morbidity associated with prostate biopsy.

  • International Registry for Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer (IRONMAN) Jacksonville, FL

    The purpose of this registry is to collect detailed clinical, epidemiological and biological information from 5,000 male patients with advanced prostate cancer.

    The objectives are to describe the practice patterns of therapeutic agents for treatment of advanced prostate cancer internationally; to assess whether specific treatment patterns are associated with clinically significant adverse events, and evaluate potential interactions with concomitant medications or demographic factors; to identify associations between treatment sequences or combinations and overall survival; to define the patient experience of men with advanced prostate cancer and identify unmet needs in their treatment; and to identify clinical and molecular disease subtypes that predict response to individual treatments, combinations, or sequences.

  • A Study to Evaluate the Feasibility of Daily, Long-Term, Intermittent Fasting for Men on PSA Surveillance Following Radical Prostatectomy Rochester, MN

    The purpose of this study is to determine whether men treated for localized prostate cancer adhere to a long-term (months-years) daily intermittent fasting regimen, and to measure the levels of metabolic and prostate-cancer derived microparticles in the serum of men that practice a daily intermittent fasting regimen after treatment for localized, high-risk prostate cancer.


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