Pectus excavatum surgery

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  • Cardiac Outcomes after Pectus Excavatum Repair Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

    This study aims to review the cardiopulmonary evaluation of pectus excavatum patients that are undergoing surgical repair of their deformity.

  • A Study for the SPAIN Chest Wall Deformity Project (Pectus Repair) Rochester, MN

    Chest wall deformities in children are relatively common. One such deformity, known as Pectus Excavatum (PE), involves a concavity of the chest and is the most frequent of these abnormalities - present in approximately 1 out of every 400-1000 births. This deformity is often a cosmetic problem for affected individuals. When severe, PE can also be associated with cardiopulmonary compromise. Treatment of PE involves surgical correction. There are several potential methods for correcting PE. In the past the most common repair involved an open procedure which involves excision and reshaping of the ribcage. More recently a minimally invasive procedure has ...


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