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  • COVID fellow education Rochester, MN

    Hand Surgery education has changed in recent months. Due to social distancing and closure of the anatomy lab, learning was moved to online modules. The hand surgery division is considering making these changes permanent. These were made available to hand surgery fellows outside of Mayo as well. We want to assess user’s satisfaction and perceived utility of the curriculum through a one-time online survey.

  • Can Patients Forecast Their Postoperative Disability after Elective Hand Surgery? Rochester, MN

    The purpose of this study is whether patients are able to forecast their postoperative recovery after surgery.

  • The Effects of Prophylactic Limited Palmar Fasciectomy on Surgical Outcomes and Scarring Rochester, MN

    Research is instrumental for improving medical care and the patient experience. Finding new surgical techniques can create better outcomes and minimize recovery time and complications for patients. Some patients undergoing trigger finger surgery with a pre-existing Dupuytren's cord may develop a thickened surgical scar after surgery, which can cause discomfort, difficulty with moving or using, and other complications in the affected finger(s) or hand. The investigator is investigating a surgical technique to minimize these potential complications and scarring after surgery. Subjects are being asked to take part in this research study because they have been diagnosed with trigger finger and ...

  • Ultrasound-Guided Costoclavicular Block in Patients With a BMI > 30 Jacksonville, FL

    The Researchers are trying to determine if Costoclavicular brachial plexus block (CCBPB) can be successfully performed in patients with a body mass index greater than thirty.

  • A Study to Establish Post-Op Opioid Requirements after Hand Soft Tissue Procedures Eau Claire, WI

    The purpose of this study is to access the effectiveness of over-the-counter analgesics in the management of post-operative pain after hand soft tissue surgical procedures.  These procedures would include carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger release, and first compartment releases in DeQuervain's syndrome.

  • Management of Hand and Upper Extremity Patients Rochester, MN

    The purpose of this study is to obtain a baseline database of patient functioning seen in the hand clinic and to determine whether the interventions provided to hand surgery patients, be that non operative or operative, improves their function.

  • Aesthetic Study: A New Regenerative Skin Care Regimen Containing Human Platelet Extract Rochester, MN

    The purpose of this trial is to evaluate the cosmetic role of novel anti-aging regenerative skin care product, human platelet extract (HPE), on skin rejuvenation. 

    Skin aging is a natural part of human aging process caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors, such as genetics, cellular metabolism, chronic light exposure and other toxins.  Cosmetological care for facial skin aging includes daily skin care, correct sun protection and aesthetic non-invasive procedures. 80 participants over the age of 40 years with moderate photoaging (dyschromic facial skin with fine lines and wrinkles) will be recruited from Mayo Clinic Center for Aesthetic Medicine and ...


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