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  • A Study of Blue Light Cystoscopy With Cysview® Registry Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

    The purpose of this egistry study is to gather more information on the current use of Blue Light Cystoscopy with Cysview (BLCC) in urologists' practices.

  • Comparison of Urinary Tract Infections Rates using 50% Dextrose plus Washout Versus Normal Saline as Cystoscopy Fluid Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

    The purpose of this study is to compare the rates of postoperative urinary tract infections (UTI) between patients who undergo cystoscopy using 50% dextrose injection plus bladder washout versus normal saline after hysterectomy for benign indications

  • Fetal Cystoscopy for Severe Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction (LUTO) Rochester, MN

    This is a pilot study to evaluate the safety, feasibility and effectiveness of fetal cystoscopy in the prenatal diagnosis and therapy of fetuses with bladder outlet obstruction. Fetal bladder outlet obstruction is a rare congenital anomaly with severe consequences to the fetus. Because of the bladder outlet obstruction, amniotic fluid is diminished, drastically leading to abnormal development of the fetal lungs. In addition, the obstruction leads to significant kidney damage, including development of end stage renal disease. Fetal vesicoamniotic shunting is the clinical therapeutic option for these fetuses. However, the shunt has many complications including blockage and dislodgement. Fetal cystoscopy ...


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