Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring

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  • At-Home Self-Collection for Pre-Transplant Patients Rochester, MN

    The objectives of this study are to determine whether adequate blood volumes can be obtained with the Tasso+ device for anti-HLA antibody testing, to compare MFI levels from at-home collected capillary blood to venous blood, and to obtain user feedback and experiences from patients.


  • Pre-transplant Health Coaching to Improve Patient-Reported Outcomes in Lung Transplant Candidates Rochester, MN; Jacksonville, FL

    The purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of a phone call ≤ 30 minute per session, 12-session, weekly individual health-coaching intervention, completed over 12-16 weeks in adults on the lung transplant waiting list versus usual transplant care.

  • Pre-Transplant Patients’ Experiences with Uncertainty Jacksonville, FL; Rochester, MN

    The primary research goal of this qualitative study is to explore how patients experience the time between transplant listing and transplantation especially with regards to uncertainty.

  • Pro-active Genetic Testing in Kidney Transplant Patients Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ; Rochester, MN

    The purpose of this study is to determine the prevalence of genetic mutations of cancer in kidney transplant patients receiving care at Mayo Clinic Arizona.


  • Development of Non-invasive Cell-free DNA to Supplant Invasive Biopsy in Heart Transplantation Jacksonville, FL

    The purpose of this study is to describe the association between Prospera dd-cfDNA measures and other diagnostic tests used to detect heart allograft rejection and/or njury, including histology, echocardiography and DSA, in the first post-transplant year. Additionally, to inform rates of clinical outcomes in a contemporary cohort of adult heart transplant recipients to determine power for a future randomized, controlled clinical trial.


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