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Healthy Volunteer

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A volunteer subject with no known significant health problems who participates in research to test a new drug, device or intervention. These volunteers are recruited to serve as controls for patient groups. Healthy volunteers receive the same test, procedure, or drug the patient group receives.

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  1. Study to Validate Auto Registry and Integration of Ultrasound into Procedure

    Rochester, MN

  2. A Study to Evaluate Photon Counting Detector CT Utility in Identifying Acute Wrist Fractures.

    Rochester, MN

  3. A Study of Clinical Evaluation of a PET/MR System

    Rochester, MN

  4. A Study to Establish a Multi-focal Registry for Ground Glass Opacities

    Rochester, MN, Jacksonville, FL

  5. AI to Enhance Low Contrast CT Imaging

    Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ, Jacksonville, FL

  6. Nasal Epithelial Cell Culture And Responsiveness Study

    Rochester, MN

  7. CT Assessment of Differences in Arm Position in Glenohumeral Subluxation

    Jacksonville, FL, Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ

  8. A Study to Evaluate Low Dose Chest CT vs. Standard CT in Cystic Fibrosis Patients

    Rochester, MN

  9. Accuracy of Wearables in Measuring Body Composition with a CT Scan or a Body Composition Machine

    Jacksonville, FL

  10. A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Distortion Reduction Software for Improving Image Quality in Computed Tomography (CT) Scans

    Rochester, MN


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