Smiling woman looking at tablet Mayo Clinic's Cures at Home program brings clinical trials to your door

Mayo Clinic's Cures at Home program allows people to participate in clinical trials remotely. This participant-first program makes clinical trial participation easier and more accessible by significantly reducing the need for travel.

Remote Participation in Clinical Trials

Mayo Clinic is advancing the administration of clinical trials by removing physical boundaries and limitations to create a new participant-first model: Cures at Home.

The Cures at Home program brings clinical trial teams to participants, providing services in the comfort of the participants' homes. This means that people who are unable to travel are now able to find potential medical benefits — and help advance medical knowledge for everyone — by enrolling in research studies at Mayo Clinic. The program goal is to make participating in research more convenient and provide clinical trial access to people everywhere.

Cures at Home

Cures at Home offers a platform for performing remote, direct-to-patient clinical trials. It is available to investigators conducting clinical studies.

By bringing clinical trial teams to participants, Mayo hopes to increase convenience and decrease the burden of travel for participation in clinical trials. Cures at Home will enable more people to enroll in studies and gain access to cutting-edge research.

Cures at Home focuses on trials for rare diseases and cancer, with a special emphasis on reaching underserved populations. The program also coordinates in-home services as needed by each trial.

"Cures at Home brings the clinical trial team to the patient. Our goals are to increase convenience and decrease the burden of participation in trials, enable more people to enroll in clinical studies and improve access to cutting-edge treatments when they are needed most." — Tushar Patel, M.B., Ch.B., Dean of Research, Mayo Clinic Florida

Watch this short video to learn more about clinical trials and the Cures at Home program:

Available services

The Cures at Home program offers the following services to assist with conducting clinical trials:

For participants

  • Virtual access to the study team
  • Remote monitoring
  • IV infusion services
  • Medication management
  • Pharmacy services
  • Laboratory testing
  • Mobile imaging and ultrasounds
  • Scheduling options designed around participants' needs

For principal investigators

  • Protocol development
    • Budgets
    • IRB applications
  • Study coordination
    • Screen, recruit and enroll research subjects
    • Monitor research activity and subject participation
    • Manage administrative and regulatory details
    • Close out studies
  • External vendor engagement and resource coordination (e.g., stool sampling, phlebotomy, infusion, etc.) allowing for either in-home participation or hybrid model study designs in which participation is a combination of remote and on location
  • Technology and device management (e.g., wearables)
  • Multisite coordination
  • Logistical, inventory and operations oversight

Participating trials

Clinical studies currently participating in the Cures at Home program are listed below. Trials are added as they become available for both Mayo Clinic and non-Mayo Clinic locations.

More information

Clinical trials are essential to advance treatments and medical knowledge. Just as important, they give patients hope and opportunities for better outcomes. Cures at Home will uncover possibilities patients and investigators can only imagine today, increase access to research for those who need it most, and accelerate Mayo Clinic's ability to develop cures for the next generation.

For principal investigators who would like more information about Cures at Home, email