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  • Intersectional Factors impacting Black Patients’ Receptivity of Decentralized Clinical Trials in Community and Home Settings Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this study is to determine the intersectional effects of demographic, cognitive and social-determinants of health (SDOH) factors on patients’ perceptions and receptivity to decentralized Clinical Trials in the community setting and at home setting.


  • IRONMAN: International Registry for Men with Advanced Prostate Cancer (IRONMAN) Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this registry is to collect detailed clinical, epidemiological and biological information from 5,000 male patients with advanced prostate cancer.

    The objectives are to describe the practice patterns of therapeutic agents for treatment of advanced prostate cancer internationally; to assess whether specific treatment patterns are associated with clinically significant adverse events, and evaluate potential interactions with concomitant medications or demographic factors; to identify associations between treatment sequences or combinations and overall survival; to define the patient experience of men with advanced prostate cancer and identify unmet needs in their treatment; and to identify clinical and molecular disease subtypes that predict response to individual treatments, combinations, or sequences.

  • MiCaP Phase III Study (Aim 3) Assessment of Research Digest Impact (Efficacy) (MiCaP) Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this study is to test if the MiCaP Research Digest videos meet the needs of black men in learning more about prostate cancer scientific discoveries. We are asking for feedback on the videos to determine if they are easy to understand, credible, informative, and valuable. The goal is to create educational programming that helps black men make informed decisions about their prostate healthcare since they are diagnosed with prostate cancer more than any other race or ethnicity.

  • Tailoring Recruitment Communication Using Virtual Human Technology to Increase Participation of Older Minority Adults in Clinical Trials Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this study is to result in adaptable, minimally tailored virtual human technology (VHT) recruitment intervention for increasing older adult minority participation rates in active NIH-funded clinical trials (CTs).



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  • Addressing Breast Cancer Equity Through Virtual Community Oncology Navigation and Engagement (vCONET) (vCONET) Jacksonville, Fla.

    The purpose of this study is to test if a culturally tailored virtual navigation program (Second-Life) meet the needs of Black women in learning more about breast health and care for cancer prevention, and mammography screening. We are asking for feedback on the Second-Life experience to determine if the information is easy to understand, relevant, and valuable to the community. The goal is to develop virtual community navigation that helps Black women make informed decisions about their breast healthcare since Black women have high mortality rates from breast cancer compared to other races or ethnicities.

  • Mayo Clinic Community Research Registry (MCCRR) Rochester, Minn., Jacksonville, Fla., Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.

    The primary goal of this study is to establish a database of underrepresented populations who consented to be contacted for biomedical research including clinical trials and bio-specimen research. The database will serve as sampling frames for selecting healthy individuals who initially meet specific study eligibility criteria.