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Clinical Studies


  • Prospective Authorizaton to Use Clincially Obtained Data for Research Rochester, Minn.

    This study is being done to gather information regarding your health in relation to your composite tissue transplant. We would like to use your medical records (both existing and future) to study the health of patients who will receive or have received a composite tissue transplant. This research would include looking at your demographic information, cause of initial injury, laboratory test results and medical exams relating to your pre and post transplant care, and your mental well-being before and after transplant.


  • Treatment of Drug-resistant Adult and Pediatric Primary Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis Using the LIPOSORBER® LA-15 System (LDL Apheresis) Jacksonville, Fla., Rochester, Minn., Scottsdale/Phoenix, Ariz.

    The purpose of this study is to evaluate the probable benefit and safety of the LIPOSORBER® LA-15 System for the treatment of adult patients with nephrotic syndrome associated with primary focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, when the standard treatment options, including corticosteroid and/or calcineurin inhibitors treatments, have been unsuccessful or not well tolerated, and the patient has a GFR ≥ 60 ml/min/1.73m2, or the patient has post-renal transplant recurrence. Treatment for FSGS is considered unsuccessful if the patient is unresponsive to standard therapy (e.g., at least 8 weeks of corticosteroids) and fails to achieve complete or partial remission. A standard treatment is considered not well tolerated if the patient experiences severe side effects without providing an acceptable level of clinical benefit.



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