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  • Autopsy in Neurodegenerative Diseases Rochester, Minn.

    The purpose of this study is to identify biomarkers from patients with different neurodegenerative diseases including progressive supranuclear palsy, progressive apraxia of speech, primary progressive aphasia, semantic dementia, corticobasal syndrome, posterior cortical atrophy and others. These patients have a clinical diagnosis rendered for research but the underlying pathology is unknown.  

    Brain autopsies will be performed in patients who have, or will be enrolled in any of NIH or foundation funded grants. 

  • PiB PET Scanning in Speech and Language Based Dementias Rochester, Minn.

    The study is designed to determine whether there are clinical features that can be used as biomarkers to predict whether underlying Alzheimer's pathology is the cause of a speech and language based dementia. The primary hypothesis is that the proportion of patients who test positive for beta-amyloid deposition will vary across different speech and language based dementias.