Muscle weakness

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  • A Study to Evaluate Molecular Mechanisms of Exercise Benefits in Insulin Resistant People Rochester, MN

    The aim of the study is to investigate the effects of a 3-month resistance exercise program (in people aged 50 to 75) on muscle mass, body composition, muscle strength, brain function and cognition, muscle efficiency processing blood sugar, the body’s ability to build muscle, and fat cells.

    Earlier research has shown that exercise has significant benefits in preventing certain diseases and conditions such as diabetes, dementia, heart disease, and more. We also know from other research that resistance exercise (lifting weights) and aerobic exercise (running, biking, walking), improve metabolism through separate ways on the molecular level, also called “molecular pathways.” With ...

  • Cancer-Associated Muscle Atrophy and Weakness: An Investigation of Etiology Rochester, MN

    This study is designed to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms leading to muscle wasting and metabolic abnormalities in skeletal muscle of cancer patients.

  • A Study of the Reliability and Validity of Patient Reported Outcome Measures in Head and Neck Cancer Scottsdale/Phoenix, AZ; Rochester, MN

    This study will utilize Rasch analysis to study the construct validity and reliability of five shoulder-related patient-reported outcome measures in patients reporting shoulder impairment following surgery for head and neck cancer.


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