Achilles tendon rupture

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  • Outcomes following treatment of the infected Achilles tendon Rochester, MN

    Achilles tendon rupture is a common injury and surgical treatment poses the risk of infection. An infected Achilles tendon is a difficult entity to treat due to a thin surrounding soft tissue envelope as well as poor tendon vascularity. In this retrospective review of cases examined at Mayo Clinic-Rochester, we seek to elucidate the clinical outcomes of patients who have undergone treatment for an infected Achilles tendon. 

  • Reliability of Measurements of Ankle Joint Dorsiflexion Using a Weight-Bearing Lunge Test Obtained in a Clinical Setting Rochester, MN

    The aim of this study will be to estimate and compare intra-rater reliability and minimal detectable change (MDC) of maximum ankle dorsiflexion (ADF) in persons with lower extremity injury using a weight-bearing lunge test (WBLT) and three clinical measurement tools: (1) standard goniometer; (2) bubble inclinometer; and (3) digital goniometer. 


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