The Women's Health Research Center works closely with research and education centers and programs across Mayo Clinic.

Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women's Health (BIRCWH) Program

The Women's Health Research Center's BIRCWH program combines advanced research training and career development to facilitate independent research programs addressing women's health concerns.

The program supports four scholars at Mayo Clinic at any given time. Positions are funded through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) K12 funding and through additional support from the Women's Health Research Center at Mayo Clinic.

BIRCWH program support launches research programs for the next generation of scientists with a focus on issues of women's health and mechanisms of sex differences in health and disease.

Learn more about the BIRCWH program, including eligibility requirements, application instructions and faculty.

Center for Biomedical Discovery

The Mayo Clinic Center for Biomedical Discovery investigates the origins of disease and how cellular mistakes lead to illness. By focusing on biological processes like aging, metabolism and immunity, researchers in the center learn about complex diseases such as cancer, fibrosis and diabetes. This knowledge fuels development of breakthrough therapies and critical advances in patient care.

Center for Health Disparities and Community Engagement

In 2019, Mayo Clinic's Community Engagement in Research Program and Office of Health Disparities Research combined to form the Center for Health Disparities and Community Engagement.

The center supports meaningful research to identify and address health disparities and to help ensure Mayo Clinic patients and research participants reflect the diversity of surrounding communities. It enhances the value of clinical and translational science by prompting engagement with pertinent stakeholder communities through education, practice and research.

Center for Individualized Medicine

Individualized, precision or personalized medicine provides a genomic blueprint to determine each person's unique disease susceptibility, define preventive measures and enable targeted therapies to promote wellness.

The Center for Individualized Medicine is solving the clinical challenges of today and tomorrow by bringing the latest discoveries from the research laboratory to clinical practice in the form of new genomics-based tests and treatments.

Specialized Center of Research Excellence (SCORE) on Sex Differences

The Mayo Clinic SCORE on Sex Differences is funded through a grant from the National Institute on Aging. The SCORE guides research on how abrupt changes in estrogen early in life affect a woman's susceptibility for chronic disease and accelerate aging.