About the Program

The goal of the Transplant Immunology Program team, led by Mark D. Stegall, M.D., is to perform discovery research that expedites the development of new therapies for transplant recipients.

For nearly 20 years, Dr. Stegall has been conducting translational research, from basic immunology to multicenter clinical trials. The holy grail lies in identifying the molecular mechanisms affecting the progression of chronic injury to transplanted organs.

The team has focused on understanding the biology behind two major challenges in transplantation: late renal allograft loss, and antibodies against donor human leukocyte antigen — major barriers to the successful transplantation of kidneys, hearts and lungs.

Fully embracing the concept of "team science," the Transplant Immunology Program within the Transplant Research Center works with numerous collaborators, because the clinical problems the program is addressing cannot have a sufficient base in one program or center.

A growing transplant consortium allows the program to enroll patients in clinical trials much quicker. In addition, the development of new therapies requires collaboration between:

  • The scientific community, including researchers and clinicians
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Regulatory agencies

By studying the important problems that need to be addressed and standardizing the methods used to study these problems, new treatments can be developed and measured.