A multidisciplinary group of specialists in ophthalmology, endocrinology and rhinology treats patients with thyroid eye disease — also called Graves' disease —  in Mayo Clinic's Thyroid Eye Disease Clinic. At the same time, the team conducts research to improve treatment, outcomes and quality of life for patients with this condition.

A variety of treatment options are available for patients with thyroid eye disease, but all options have both benefits and drawbacks; no optimal treatment has yet been described. To address this unmet clinical need, the research team evaluates patient outcomes after surgery and with established and emerging medical treatments. The research goal is to identify or develop therapies that provide patients with the best outcomes and the least risk of side effects.

Mayo Clinic's team of thyroid eye disease clinician-investigators conducts translational and laboratory research to better understand the causes of the disease. Researchers also use cutting-edge eye-tracking technology to better understand what degree of eye bulging (proptosis) is recognizable to the general public to determine which patients may benefit most from surgery. Additionally, active clinical trials aim to apply research findings to clinical practice to further improve patient care.


The Thyroid Eye Disease Research Program is affiliated with groups across Mayo Clinic, including: