The Surgical Innovation Center at Mayo Clinic uses a patient-centered approach to develop innovative technology to transform the future of surgery.

The needs of the patient come first

Physicians, scientists and allied health staff in the Surgical Innovation Center identify and address unmet surgical needs. By listening to patient feedback, studying surgical outcomes and understanding major challenges to providing complex surgical care, the center develops innovative solutions that directly improve patient care.

No patient should have to wait for a better solution

Every clinical and scientific innovator in the Surgical Innovation Center partners with a multidisciplinary team that is relevant to the area of innovation. Whether a specific area of expertise is housed within Mayo Clinic or requires an external technology partner, the goal is the same: to create a unique team that accelerates the translation of research and innovation to patient care.

Center goals

  • Good lab practices. These enable Mayo Clinic investigators to conduct preclinical translational research on-site.
  • Artificial intelligence and digital capabilities. AI- and digital-capability-based decision support programs can guide complex surgical decisions on timing and approach. These programs will provide personalized data on surgical risks.
  • Novel device development and testing. Opportunities for collaboration with industry are provided to develop the next-generation surgical devices for use inside and outside of the operating room.
  • Robotic surgeries. As world leaders in robotic surgery, Mayo Clinic investigators have an avid interest in exploring the boundaries of robotic surgery and continuing to improve outcomes.
  • Defining surgery of the future. Multidisciplinary teams identify true technological involvement within the many phases of surgical care and development of further platforms.


The Surgical Innovation Center strives to:

  • Provide transformative, high-value, quality surgical care
  • Serve as an intubator for new and innovative concepts
  • Accelerate surgical innovation through agile product incubation and development
  • Rapidly disseminate new, high-value, transformative solutions that address unmet surgical needs


The Surgical Innovation Center's vision is to dramatically improve patients' lives by accelerating innovation and dissemination of effective and efficient products, procedures and care that improve surgical outcomes.