Neurosurgery Innovations

Neurosurgery innovation in the Mayo Clinic Surgery Research Center's Innovation Accelerator aims to provide patients with spine disease with new options to improve symptoms and quality of life and decrease the need for surgery. Other innovators work to protect surgeons from the physical demands of performing surgery, allowing them to perform better and provide better care.

Sensor suit

  • Susan Hallbeck, Ph.D.

    Sensor suit

    Dr. Hallbeck has extensive experience improving medical device ergonomics, fostering teamwork and creating efficient health care systems. She is developing an innovative suit for surgeons to wear in the operating room to monitor risk factors for ergonomic musculoskeletal disorder.

The suit gives immediate feedback to tunable parameters and provides personalized reporting of an individual's risk factors for injury. Dr. Hallbeck's invention has the capacity to improve surgeon retention and improve surgical patient care.