The Surgery Research Center's Innovation Accelerator program is based on the beliefs that transformative innovation can come from anyone in the surgical team, and that Mayo Clinic can provide world-class care across each patient's surgical experience only by empowering all health care staff members to advance care within their specialties.

The program supports all Mayo Clinic staff members who have ideas related to unmet patient needs in the surgical space, including:

  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Nurses
  • Allied health staff members
  • Fellows
  • Students

Opportunities offered by the Innovation Accelerator program include:

  • Funding opportunity for rapid device innovation creation. The Innovation Accelerator program seeks proposals for early-stage surgical device ideas. Importantly, applicants don't need existing prototypes to participate in this request for applications — all they need are ideas. Successful candidates work with Innovation Accelerator leadership to move their ideas from concept to "minimal viable prototype" in approximately 12 weeks.
  • Mayo Innovation Scholars Program. The Innovation Accelerator program partners with the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program — a collaborative initiative in Rochester, Minnesota, supported by the Medtronic Philanthropy, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, Mayo Clinic, and Minnesota Private Colleges and Universities — to encourage undergraduate and graduate student experiential learning in medical device innovation. Visit the Mayo Innovation Scholars Program website.